Food and beverages

Buffet style service. Nutritionally balanced meals according to the dietary plans prescribed by the specialists.

The dining hall located in the Salyut building, on the 7th floor.

Завтрак Обед Ужин
08:30 – 10:00 13:00 – 15:00 18:00 – 19:30


The dining room seats up to 320 people. Comfortable modern furniture, air conditioning purification system. A panoramic view of the park, sea and the mountains.

Buffet style service. Nutritionally balanced meals according to the dietary plans prescribed by the specialists. BAAs are used to adjust additional micronutrient goals.

Na Plyazhe (On the beach) Bar and Restaurant

Na Plyazhe is a front-line beach bar and restaurant. Here you can sit by the seashore watching and listening to the waves, taking in the beauty of the coastline, have a romantic picnic or a large celebration.

This restaurant is perfectly suitable for a New Year celebration. Upmarket interior design, pleasantly comfortable dining space and exceptional table layout will produce a lasting and vivid impression.

The restaurant includes two spacious dining rooms: a bar on the ground floor with draught beer, seafood and tasty pastry, and a banquet hall with live music and entertainment on the first floor. Here you can pre-order traditional roasted duck stuffed with apples, national dishes or a festive cake.

Panorama Bar

The Panorama Bar is situated in Salyut building at 100 meters above sea level. The bar with panoramic balcony and tranquil atmosphere gives a unique chance to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Khosta, Adler, and the Imereti Lowland.

Here we invite our guests to experience a romantic candle light dinner enchanted by the soft sounds of background instrumental music, attend a concert, or watch a particularly exciting sporting event on a large screen display.

Lukomorye Bar and Café

The Lukomorye Bar and Cafe is known for its unique history and sheltered location in the Pitsunda pine greenbelt. Charming miniature pond, children’s playground and comfortable gazebos with a small banquet hall that seats 30 guests are situated nearby.

The dishes served here present the variety and flavors of national cuisine. The extended wine list will satisfy even the most refined guests. The Lukomorye bar offers chef specialties menu as well as poultry, lamb, fish and seafood dishes, appetizers and pickled foods made according to the traditional recipes.