Weekend program "DETOX - CLEANSING THE ORGANISM" in the sanatorium "Ivushka"

Sanatorium "Ivushka" is waiting for you, if you:

Live in a metropolis
You lead a sedentary lifestyle
You get tired
You prefer a healthy diet to meat and fatty foodsSuffer from chronic diseases, allergies, headaches

So, you need detoxification - cleansing the body of toxins and toxins.

In the sanatorium "Ivushka" for the removal of toxins through the liver, intestines and skin within the program "Detox - cleansing the body" you will be offered the following procedures:

Soft cleansing of the liver, biliary tract and intestines
Intravenous injection of detoxifier
Infrared sauna with wrapping
Hydrotherapy and pressotherapy
Admission enterosorbents and herbs

Sanatorium "Ivushka" in the ecologically clean Lazarevsky district of the city of Sochi, small and cozy, far from the city noise, construction sites and busy trails, is surrounded by a relic forest and is located right on the well-equipped sea beach. In the "Ivushka" you can enjoy sea baths all year round - the sanatorium has a pool with sea water that is unique even for seaside health resorts.

DETOX-WEEKEND - even a short stay in nature, far from the city bustle, in an oasis with a unique mountain-coniferous-marine microclimate, a healthy diet and a scientifically based, balanced course of cleansing the body will allow you to fully relax, recharge energy and return to work with new forces and great mood!

(дополнительно к санаторно-курортной карте), в соответствии с рекомендациями Роспотребнадзора от 23.06.2020: справка или отметка в пакете документов об отсутствии контакта с больными COVID-19 в течение предшествующих 14-ти дней, выданная медицинской организацией не позднее чем 3 дня до отъезда.